Restful Web services with OSB

I have been working on SOAP webserivces for some time, but never really used REST services with OSB up untill recently.

I thought it would be useful to add a new post on to my blog to help users who like me are trying to hook their REST services with OSB and then may be trying to expose as a SOAP webservice. I will be covering both aspects

1. Calling Restful services from OSB.

2. Creating Restful services using OSB.

I have taken an example of the Google Geocoding service for this.

What is does is takes in an address and gives you long & lat for that place and vice versa.

This is a rest service and the request format is

Oracle have now added several examples on this topic on the examples page.

The link to the same is at

Hope you guys will find them useful.



  1. Hi Jyoti, thanks for pointing it out, I actually got engrossed in some other stuff and never managed to complete the post.
    There is a good example on this on the OSB documentation section on Oracle website though.

    I will soon try to complete this post though 🙂

  2. Ahhh I have been long thinking about this…. I would soon do an update on this post… another reason I didn’t update was there were some good examples which Oracle updated to OTN.

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