Reblog: Using Intermediate Events and Advanced TaskService Interactions in Oracle BPM Suite 11g

I really liked this post from Arun Pareek, and thought it would be good to reblog this.

Oracle Technologies Primer

This blog post will demonstrate with the help of a basic use-case the use and importance of intermediate events in Oracle BPM based processes. A typical business process also has manual touch points that are implemented by process users through Human Task UI’s. It is evident that a very important aspect in any agile business process is the ability to interact with these in-flight human tasks based on intermediate events. This post shall also demonstrate how to modify in-flight task States in Oracle BPM Suite 11g. You can similarly do a host of other operations with the full use of the Worklist Management API’s.  Keep reading.

Intermediate Events occur in the middle of the process and are of either Catch or Throw type. The Catch Events wait or block for appropriate signals while the Throw events proceed after throwing the signal.

The Basic Use Case

XYZ Bank has a simple…

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