Enabling/Disabling EDN Events Logging.

Very Nice article on Enabling/Disabling EDN Events Logging.

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Business Events Logging comes very handy when you want to debug issues with Business Events – like Event Name, Namespace, Payload, Security Subject, De-queue status etc. For this, you need to enable EDN Logging in first place. There are different modes to enable EDN Logging.

1) Through edn-db-log URL:

Launch edn-db-log URL  which will be available on your SOA Server – http://localhost:7001/soa-infra/events/edn-db-log.

Click Enable link on top.

Publish your business event.

Click on reload button on edn-db-log page.

This must show your business event on this page. It would appear twice. One is the enque of the business event and the other one is for de-queue of the business event for delivery. If you don’t see dequeue message, then your business event wont get delivered.

Once you have completed debugging your business event, click on disable link to disable edn logging. This would prevent unnecessary DB Growth on the…

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