Writing SCA Test – AUT for SOA Composite in 11g

Working with the SOA Suite Automation Framework.

Create test cases to initiate inbound messages and to emulate outbound,fault and callback messages

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In this post, I will talk about writing Automated unit test for the SOA Composite that we created in my previous post – Invoking an ADF BC Service Asynchronously from SOA Composite, BPEL 11g using SOA Unit Testing Framework. We will create SOA Test, Deploy it and Test it from Fusion Middleware Control.

SOA Composite:http://kavin-sample-apps.googlecode.com/files/AsyncServiceCallUsingPick_SCATest.rar.

Details of this SOA Composite is available in my previous post. Here we will be just writing automated test case for two flows.

  1. Amount more than 1000 [Test case name: InputMoreThan1000]
  2. Amount less than 1000 and more than 100 [Test case name: InputMoreThan100AndLessThan1000]


Step 1 is to create a test suite. A Test Suite is simple a collection of test case. To do this, right click on testsuite folder on your composite and click “Create Test Suite”. Enter a Test Suite Name and click ok.

This would create the test suite…

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