Moving and managing messages in JMS Queues

When dealing with several JMS Queues it is apparent that one would need to move messages across these queues and manage them. e.e. moving messages from error queues to source queues, destination to source to replay etc.

So the question is how can you move a message from one JMS Queue to another? Well there are a few options one has for that.

Option 1 using the out of the box OSB Console

Go to the weblogic console->JMS Modules-JMSResouces-> YourQueue ->Monitor->show messages and select move

Option 2 Using Hermes JMS for managing JMS resources

Use open source tool HermesJMS

Initial configuration steps video to Configure Hermes with Weblogic Server available at

Once you have configured you can click discover on the session to load all the available Queues and Topics for that connection or one can manually add the destinations you want to use

Browse the queues/topics for messages

Option 3 – Custom java client for moving messages on JMS queues using the JMS API

Mark Nelson has written something on these lines  but I would possibly look to take it a step further – details to follow


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