OSB access to salesforce.com by Steffen Miller

OSB access to salesforce.com by Steffen Miller

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Some time ago I had a request to connect a file with salesforce.com. The tool of choice was Oracle Service Bus, first without any special adapter. So I had to investigate into the salesforce.com way of using web services and how I can approach this challenge.

First of all we need an account with salesforce.com. With this account we can access the Web Services API through Profile -> Setup -> API. Here we need to download the Enterprise WSDL.

You can find more details to this here salesforce.com Documentation.

Now we import the WSDL into the Oracle Service Bus. As written in the docs Before invoking any other calls, a client application must first invoke the login() call to establish a session with the login server, set the returned server URL as the target server for subsequent API requests, and set the returned session ID in the SOAP header…

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