Top 10 things that one should avoid in OSB

Summed it up pretty nicely… generally all this information is never available in such a clear and concise manner.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog

As a code reviewer I have reviewed number of OSB projects. In most of the projects, I have seen some common mistakes repeated which push me to write this blog.

Top 10 things that one should avoid in OSB 


DON’T try to develop your entire solution only on OSB: OSB is not alone it’s a part of Oracle SOA Suite, though it’s a general misconception since it’s available as a separate installer through OTN. Some Project makes this very fundamental mistake by developing their entire solution on OSB. They try to create everything from Error Handler, to asynchronous transactions, to Retry Logic in OSB resulting in a BIG CHAOS.
OSB is an ESB product it should be only use to develop ESB components.


DON’T design statefull transactions within OSB: OSB is a stateless product it’s not design to handle state-full transactions. For state-full transaction one should use…

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