Getting Started with Liferay Portal V 6

I am currently doing a Proof of concept for a customer using liferay portal.

Thought I will put together my learning’s for others to benefit.

As I am quite busy these days, you might have to wait a few more days for further details..

You can post your comments if you have any specific questions or queries.


Java Portlet Specification – JSR 168

The Java Portlet Specification defines a contract between the portlet container and portlets and provides a convenient programming model for Java portlet developers.

The Java Portlet Specification V1.0 introduces the basic portlet programming model with:

  • two phases of action processing and rendering in order to support the Model-View-Controller pattern.
  • portlet modes, enabling the portal to advise the portlet what task it should perform and what content it should generate
  • window states, indicating the amount of portal page space that will be assigned to the content generated by the portlet
  • portlet data model, allowing the portlet to store view information in the render parameters, session related information in the portlet session and per user persistent data in the portlet preferences
  • a packaging format in order to group different portlets and other J2EE artifacts needed by these portlets into one portlet application which can be deployed on the portal server.